Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Jets coach Rex Ryan

The Jets history has been, for the most part, a turbulent one, filled with failure and tough times. Most recently, he Jets suffered through a 1-4 dry spell at the end of a season that looked so promising when the team was 8-3 and flying high. That dry spell ultimately cost former Jets coach Eric Mangini his job, as he really didn't have any answers down the stretch of the season.

Today, Rex Ryan was introduced as the Jets coach. During the interview process, he wowed the Jets hierarchy with his personality and detailed power point presentation. Today he made an impression very quickly. Within two minutes he was already speaking about the team meeting newly minted President Barack Obama, saying, "With all these cameras here I was looking around for the new President. Oh well, I think we will get to meet him within the next few years anyway." Those are big words there by the new coach. He showed his affable side, delivering many funny one-liners. He talked about how he wants his team to be stating, 'If you take a swipe at our guys, we take two at yours." He also spoke about the effort he expects from his players saying, "I expect us to not only play to the whistle but through the whistle. " He certainly made a good first impression today, as he spoke glowingly about some of the players, he preached aggressiveness on the defensive side of the ball, and really sounded like a true leader.

As far as my opinion on the hire goes, I'm fine with the hire. Rarely do I ever get excited about anything Jets related, and it works out, so I have taken more of a 'wait and see' approach regarding anything with the Jets. Compared to the rest of the candidates, I did like Rex Ryan the most and I hope he can bring an attacking style of defense that he alluded to on several occasions in his opening PC. Most of all, I would love for the Jets to be a team that can beat up the other team physically en route to a victory.

I know it's too much to expect this team to line up and be physical like the Ravens defenses over the years, but over time maybe the defense can develop the attitude and nastiness those guys have. I'm sick and tired of the Jets having to trick and confuse people to win. I understand the nuances of the game of football. I understand that you have to scheme to win, and I am well aware that you can't line up in predictable defenses and expect to win. All I am asking is that the team be able to impose sheer physicality on the other team, and play with an attitude and a little emotion for once.

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