Thursday, March 5, 2009

Terrell Owens released

So now T.O. has effectively burned his bridges with 3 different NFL teams. It makes you wonder when people will just stop trying with him. Every place Owens has gone, it has ended the same way, with the team cutting ties with him mostly because of his negative locker room influence.

'Fool me once.. Shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice......?, Fool me four times? Then what are you then? A damn fool, I say. ' My thoughts on the Owens release....

- Good move for the Dallas Cowboys. It is likely that Owens performance on the field, can no longer at least answer the question of 'Why would you keep such a divisive influence around?', as he struggled last season, and was no longer the player he was in previous years. He has a lost a step. While he is still good, he most likely isn't worth the baggage he brings. While I think team chemistry is overrated, for all intents and purposes Owens is toxic waste in the locker room.

-Roy E. Williams needs to step up now, and prove to Dallas that he was worth all the picks they gave up for him. He, for the moment, is the #1 WR on the team. The guy is very talented, but his mental makeup, and his loud mouth concerns you a little bit with him. With the laissez faire coaching they have in Dallas, I find it hard to believe that he will be properly motivated.

- I would be surprised if Jason Witten's #s don't take a hit. He's an excellent tight end, but he also benefited from the constant attention that Owens garnered. He'll still be very good, but I doubt he approaches the numbers he put up the last two seasons. I'm not saying he'll be a league worst TE, just not the league's most productive TE.

- How is it that Owens is out of a job, but Wade Phillips still has a job as a head coach? I'm not disputing the Owens release, as I think its the right timing to go through with it given Owens' locker room presence and his declining play on the field. I'm still in sheer shock, especially with the way the season ended, that the NFL's biggest figurehead has a job. What exactly has Phillips done that has warranted he still have this job? I wonder if Jerry Jones watched the final game of the regular season. Wade should have been fired at halftime.

- Also, there is plenty of WR talent in the draft for the Cowboys to pursue if they choose to go that route. Maybe they can find their Eddie Royal in the draft. Who knows, maybe Miles Austin or Sam Hurd steps up and captures the #2 spot. I wouldn't hold my breath on that but it is possible.

- How will this affect Tony Romo? I think this cuts down his interceptions by a few, and more importantly keeps his sanity in tact. Generally, barring a trade that brings a bonafide number one wide receiver in there, I think Tony's numbers will take a slight hit. What it does to the Cowboys in the W-L section will be something to watch.

- As far as teams Owens can end up with, I believe he can end up with the Redskins or Raiders. I mean Snyder has already opened up the pocket book for one loud mouthed egomaniac in DeAngelo Hall, so who's to say he won't open it up for Owens? Him and Hall can have screaming matches in practice or competitions to see who has the bigger ego, it would be a sight to behold. And the Raiders are....well, the Raiders. Do I need to go any further?

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Unknown said...

First off T.O. got fukked over because of rep

Werder and ESPN blew up something that wasnt neccessary. T.O. was unhappy about the QB play and playcalling. If it's Marvin Harrison or Fitzgerald, it would be look as player want to get more involved. But its T.O., now it a player being disruptive to the team. Dude just trying to win and feels he's a reason for that (which is TRUE).

The real problem was Jason Garrett couldn't handle criticism, and it was deserving. He garbage as a OC, his playcalling is stale and predictable. And he lets romo plays freely and not latch him down to prevent INT. And refuse to use Marion Barber effectively in games.

Now Jerry was a T.O. suppporter. His sons really want T.O. out. Since The Garretts and Joneses are close, that leave papa Jones to co-sign. Congrats Jerry, now enjoy your 5-7 wins next season with a overratted WR, QB , and OC. The defense better step up big time.

but honestly no one really knows the real story. like stephen A said(who for once in life made a good point)...accuse TO of whatever u want but the man's never lied much in his career...he generally gets in trouble for being honest and speaking his mind. i don't even disbelieve the whole romo/witten thing cuz watching cowboys games was frustrating as hell seeing romo lock in on witten all the became ritual. and they're good buddies. so who knows maybe they were creating plays together and not informin the other guys.

and irregardless, it was pretty unprofessional for someone inside the locker room to leak the issue into the media.pussy move. TO never really did much in Dallas in terms of speaking out and airing dirty laundry and it was kinda a shame to see that whole thing come out. but anyway obv i'm biased, but it's not crazy for me to see that they could have been scheming but no one knows between the 2 of them and leavin the other guys outta the loop.