Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thoughts on Week 3 of the NFL season

- I have to give up to Old Man River aka Brett Favre. That was a hell of a drive he led culminating in a hell of a pass to win the game. I don't think the catch gets nearly as much credit as it deserves, but the throw was pretty much in the only spot Favre could have put it to have a chance for a completion. That was a great play by Favre.

- San Francisco is going to be a tough out this year. They aren't the most talented team, but they play a tough, disciplined brand of football, and Singletary has them playing a tough brand of football. I think the 9ers will find themselves in the postseason this year.

-Peyton Manning is just simply the best, period. Besides the fact that he is just damn great, he is definitely fun to watch. I definitely get a kick out of him getting to the line with 20 on the clock, then proceeding to gesture and jump up and down and around and around. He's the best QB I've ever had a chance to see play.

-It was good to see Jay Cutler come up big again for the Bears in the waning moments of the game against Seattle. I think the guy is growing as a QB. And also much props to Devin Hester, who has silenced the critics (including myself) to this point with solid play to this point. And on a somewhat related note, Devin Hester has more yards than both Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal combined. Interesting stuff.

-The topic of 'Troy Polamalu being absolutely great and vital to the Steelers' is old and misguided. Week 1, the Steelers gave up 10 points playing the majority of the game without Polamalu. Week 2. they gave up 17 points and week 3 they gave up 16. The defense is holding up it's end of the bargain. The Steelers have been screwed by a couple individual plays. This week it was the Sweed TD drop, and last week it was Reed missing 2 FGs. The notion that Polamalu being out being the main reason Pittsburgh is losing is head scratching.

- Cleveland is an unmitigated disaster.

- I've never seen so much hoopla over an 0-2, 7 rushing yard effort. I heard someone on the radio say "Vick looked comfortable, and he looked crisp.'' Completely forgetting that he played, I decided to peep the box score only to realize Vick didn't even complete a pass. I see the standards are still delightfully low when it comes to Vick. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

- The Seattle Seahawks jerseys made me feel like I was watching a team of Human lifesavers. Whoever came up with those uniforms should be released of his duties immediately.

-The Jets are 3-0. This start for them is completely unexpected. I don't think the defense played particularly well this week, but they did enough with the game on the line to come through with the 'W'.

-Jerricho Cotchery is 3rd in the league in receiving yards to this poont (Vincent Jackson, Reggie Wayne). Hopefully he keeps ir up).

-Every week Philip Rivers completes a bomb to Vincent Jackson that is mouth dropping. 3 guys draped all around, Jackson and he just comes down with it like it's nothing. Jackson is really making a name for himself among the game's top receivers.

- The play where Pennington injured himself didn't look that serious. Unfortunately for him, it was serious, and now his career is in jeopardy.


MTV said...

Good recap as usual. Couple points you left off:

- JaMarcuss Russell is terrible. Period.

- Rumor has it, Wade Phillips actually lit a fire under the Boys at halftime. Really went off.

- Is Trent Edwards really that bad that he can't get the ball to EITHER Evans or TO???

Unknown said...

Good Stuff

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