Monday, December 28, 2009

Thoughts on NFL Week 16

-While I think the 'Indy benching scandal' is being overblown, considering what the Colts have to play for at this point, I didn't agree with how they handled the situation. I thought, at 15-10, Caldwell should have given the offense a shot to go up two scores. Then once you get up two scores, bench your starters and such, or just have them play three quarters. I think if you play the starters for three quarters each of the last two games, that keeps them 'fresh' enough and in good enough 'game shape' for the postseason. That being said, all the folks who are complaining and criticizing now, would be the same ones who would be complaining and criticizing had an important player went down with a significant injury. Health>being undefeated.

-On a related note, thank you to the Indianapolis Colts and Jim Caldwell for benching Peyton Manning. I'll be at the game next week (my first, and the last at the Meadowlands), and now it is actually for something. That was the best Christmas present I got.

-The Cincinnati Bengals are the Shrek of football. Hopefully they don't look like Snow White this week.

-Why are the Ravens such an undisciplined football team? I swear, every time I look up they are being flagged, but most of all some of them are either boneheaded, completely obvious or both. On the TD return on the INT by Dominique Foxworth, Terrell Suggs committed a block in the back that had absolutely no impact on the play. Suggs could have literally lied on the field making pretend snow angels, and Foxworth would have scored, so why the penalty that costs your team 6 pts? They have always been a chatty bunch, full of talk and bravado, but a dumb one as well.

-Who the hell was that playing QB for the Rams this past week? I consider myself an avid football fan, and I have never once heard of the guy in my life.

-The Giants are an absolute embarrassment. It's bad enough laying an egg like that, making Matt Moore look like an All-Pro, and getting steamrolled in every sense of the word, but it was also the last game in the Meadowlands for the Giants. This is how they say farewell to the Stadium? What a joke. I have no idea what happened to that defense but I think it's safe to say, from a football sense, that the Giants and Steve Spagnuolo both miss each other dearly.

-All the Tony Romo bashing that I've heard repeatedly over the course of the years, does it stop? Or is it now, that he played an excellent December, he needs to win in the postseason? Whatever it is, he deserves a ton of credit, as he played very well in December which I was led to believe was an utter and complete impossibility of apocalyptic, earth shattering type of proportions.

-The New England Patriots win this week helped the Jets. So, I'll throw them a thank you. Thanks New England. On a related note, to the Jaguars, you might want to get a hand on that guy named Moss. I've heard he's alright.

-That is the Jay Cutler I've come to know and love. He played an excellent game, though the Vikings defense is struggling. Too bad it's too little, too late. Hopefully he can build on that for next season.

- San Diego will represent the AFC in the Superbowl. As much as I don't trust them, the only team in the AFC I see getting in their way is Indianapolis, and I think the Colts D is soft like tissue paper.

-I swear, the Texans and 8-8 go together like peanut butter and jelly, Bonnie and Clyde, like chocolate cake and ice cream. And next year all the prognosticators again will tell me how it will be the year they will breakout. Now it very well may be, but it reeks of throwing stuff at a wall and hoping it sticks. Every single year, Houston is supposed to breakout and it never happens.

-Watching Jay Cutler and Brett Favre, as much as I can't stand Favre, go tit for tat was great. I absolutely enjoy great QB play, and that game had it all in that regard.

-Do the Packers still need to have Brett Favre and were idiotic for letting him go? Or will the media, and others FINALLY let that go and admit that Aaron Rodgers is the BUSINESS?

-The Redskins, per the usual, are a hot mess.

-I'm curious to see how this Eagles-Cowboys game plays out next week. Both teams are playing well, and the Eagles are now playing for a first round bye. Who would've thought that was possible about, oh, 2 weeks ago? Boy, can things change quickly.

-On his last throw of the Steeler/Ravens game, what in the name of everything that is holy and sacred was Ben Roethlisberger doing?

-The Denver Broncos started out 6-0, and have gone 2-7 ever since. But wait, I thought Kyle Orton was this winner? Yet, their PPG took a dip, and Eddie Royal (at this point, he almost warrants a 'Who?', even though I was led to believe that he was simply unbelievably awesome and a top flight WR) has completely disappeared. At least the ridiculous Orton nonsense, making him out to be something he is not (anything more than average, and an MVP candidate) has died like a bug on a windshield.

-Happy Holidays to all those who read.


Unknown said...

Good stuff. A few typos, but good read.

MTV said...

Nice write up. I agree with a LOT of your points. And You know as well as I do that I am not a Favre fan by any stretch... but the old man looked AMAZING last night. (pause)