Monday, January 11, 2010

Thoughts on Wildcard Weekend

- All the games this weekend were brutal with the exception of the Shootout in the Wild West featuring the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals.

- 96 points, more than 1,000 yards of total offense, two QBs picking apart helpless defenses. If not for AZ/GB, this entire weekend of football would have been a disaster when it comes to the caliber of the game. And the fact that the game ended in a defensive score is the highest form of irony. The defensive players in this game played like they were stuck in quick sand.

-On the second play of last drive for Green Bay in the Overtime period, how exactly was Bertrand Berry not called for a penalty? He not only hit Rodgers in the face, but he hit him 'late' (according to the NFL standards anyway), and didn't get called for a thing. I could only imagine if that happened to Tom Brady. Berry would probably be banned for life.

- Dos Cuatro> Ocho Cinco

-Kurt Warner had more touchdowns than incompletions. Wow.

-Seeing Neil Rackers miss that field goal at the end of regulation makes me wonder if there ever has been a worse period for kickers. Brutal

-How many garbage calls did they make against Darrelle Revis in that game? That pass interference was a joke, and on the first illegal contact, the wide receiver ran into him and gave him a two handed shove. The refs were a joke during that game.

- It's rare that you see the Patriots look that bad, but the Ravens really kicked them in the teeth. It was an ominous sign when Ray Rice rumbled for an 83 yard TD before the seats even filled up. From minute one to minute 60, the Ravens simply did whatever they wanted with the Patriots. I look forward to the week worth of 'WWWD' (What Would Welker Do), sentiments/excuses.

-I keep hearing how the Ravens over the Patriots is an upset and I don't understand how. They played earlier this season and the Ravens were done in with a couple awful calls. The Patriots haven't been the same team we've come to know all year. They were evenly matched, so where is this "upset"?

- Did the Bengals hand this game to the Jets too? That's all I heard throughout the week leading up to the game, and the Jets kicked the stuffing out of them on Saturday. They pounded the rock, were efficient passing the ball and played great defense. Mark Sanchez was basically spotless in his first playoff game, and Carson Palmer looked completely brutal.

- The entire Eagle team laid an egg, and I'll get that out of the way. That being said, I'd like to give a shout out to the great Donovan McNabb for adding to his playoff lore with a performance for the ages Saturday night. He's such a leader, and is a top QB in the league. On a more serious note, Saturday night was a 60 minute snapshot as to why Philadelphia will never win anything with him under center. He doesn't have the makeup to get it done.

-I guess no one is bashing Tony Romo these days for being overrated, a guy who comes up small, and being the sole reason for Dallas' failures? Regardless he played very well and has done so for basically the entire season as he has been magnificent. McNabb should take some notes from Romo. He certainly could use them.

-What was Mike Jenkins doing lateraling the ball when his team was up 20+ points? Take your INT, make snow angels on the ground and be done with it.

- I think we've seen the last of Brian Westbrook in a Philadelphia uniform.

- What was the point of signing Jeremiah Trotter? I don't get Philly management. They can let Brian Dawkins go, though his price was reasonable but then they sign Mike Vick and Trotter who's been done for about a decade? Really?

- Whoever thought it was a good idea to put Joe Theismann and Joe Gibbs in the booth together needs to be terminated immediately.

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