Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thoughts on Wild Card Weekend

-Though I didn't think much of the Seahawks, and actually laughed (and still do laugh) at the idea of a 7-9 team hosting a playoff game, I ate my crow with ketchup. I like it when a team no one expects to do anything ends up shocking the world. I thought the outrage of them making the playoffs was a bit ridiculous. Yes they were basically the skinniest kid at fat camp but the fact of the matter is they won their division. I think the outrage was a bit much honestly. Good for them.

-The Saints defense is terrible. Besides the ridiculous Marshawn Lynch run, one play was a microcosm of their performance. That long touchdown from QB Matt Hasselbeck to WR Brandon Stokley, where Stokley ran down the field unimpeded as four guys chased helplessly while he waltzed into the endzone summed it up.

-Is Reggie Bush really that bad at the running the ball to the point where he can't beat out Julius Jones. It's the worst kept secret in the history of the world that I don't think much of him as a player, but it really makes you wonder about him, where the Saints find the need to give the ball to Jones more than him. Can he really be that bad a runner?

- That Marshawn Lynch run was perhaps the best run I've ever seen in my life when you take all the factors into account. The man broke eight tackles on one play, and made the Saints defense look like a pee wee defense. And Tracy Porter, all I have to say about you is 'C'mon man'. I think he's still flying from that stiff arm.

-Reggie Wayne. 1 catch, 1 yard. Does anyone STILL not believe Darrelle Revis isn't the best DB in the sport? If you don't, there's no point of return for you. I think Kanye West and Jay-Z put forth the track 'Monster' with Revis in mind, because that's exactly what he is--a monster.

-I thought the offensive playcalling for the Colts was particularly bizarre. Do I realize the Jets basically dared the Colts to run the ball all night? Yes. The Jets dared the Colts, and particularly Peyton Manning to be patient and I believe they were too patient the entire night. I was surprised that Rex Ryan was so patient and conservative with his playcalling and I was just as surprised that Peyton Manning was SO patient. The Colts can't run the ball, and couldn't run the ball despite the Jets giving the run game to them all night. When they passed the ball, the Jets rarely ever touched Manning, so why they didn't pass more I'll never know. I'm glad they didn't.

-The timeout that Colts coach Jim Caldwell called on the last drive was befuddling. You weren't going to get the ball back. The Jets had control of the clock. The Jets were at the 32 yard line, so the field goal isn't exactly a chip shot. In essence, all the timeout did was give the Jets extra time to think about what play they were going to run. Then Caldwell's explanation after the game made even less sense than the timeout itself. It was something to the effect of "We wanted them to run more plays,". Uh, what?

-Out of any quarterback with good numbers, QB Matt Cassel is probably by far the most unimpressive I've ever seen. Honestly, I expected the Chiefs would get blown out simply because I thought their body of work was unimpressive. I thought the Chiefs were the worst AFC team coming into the playoffs. They beat nobody all year asides from the Chargers, who didn't even make the postseason. The Ravens are simply on a different level. Back on Cassel, the guy just doesn't look like a good quarterback. I've seen some of the Chiefs this year and I've never sat there and thought, "Man, this guy is good," He didn't even crack 100 yards and threw three interceptions on Sunday. He looked like a high school quarterback for the majority of the game. Color me unsurprised.

-I will never understand for the life of me why HB Jamaal Charles doesn't get more carries. This isn't so much about yesterday as it is the just generally speaking with the Chiefs. I understand that the guy is less than 200 LBs, but the man averaged more than SIX yards per carry. He had only nine carries yesterday, and in the last two seasons he has only had 400 carries. I understand you don't want to burn him out but the guy has to get more touches. He's far too explosive to 'spare'. They have to use that guy more.

-I like Andy Reid. I think he's one of the brightest offensive minds in football, and I think his resume backs that claim. However, why is it that in EVERY short yardage situation Reid just HAS to try and get cute. I completely understand that the Eagles don't exactly have the ideal short yardage package. The interior of their line is shoddy and with the loss of Leonard Weaver they don't have anything that even looks like a short yardage back. Even so, at some point when do you just run the ball up the middle with your running back? 2nd and short, 3rd and short you run back to back QB draws with your 180 LB QB? Really? That wasn't a big deal in the game (they did score on that drive) but every time I see that I wonder if Andy Reid is trying to win a beauty pageant or a football game.

-QB Mike Vick going for the jugular on the last play of the game throwing to WR Riley Cooper was a little puzzling. Now if the throw was just a tad deeper, this part of the entry might have a different tint, but why not go with what got you there? WR Desean Jackson, WR Jeremy Maclin, HB LeSean McCoy and TE Brent Celek are the Eagles best skill players. Vick has all of those guys, yet with the season on the line he's throwing jump balls to.....Riley Cooper? Really?

-I'm glad Aaron Rodgers got his first playoff victory. He played a really good game, and I don't think the guy gets credit for how good he is for the simple fact that he doesn't have the playoff success others have. Well, in time he'll get his. He continues to impress.

-The Eagles offensive line should all thank the heavens that Mike Vick is their quarterback. Otherwise, they'd give up an immense number of sacks. They need some tinkering, especially on the interior of the line.

-All in all, three good games and a bad one this weekend. It was a pretty good weekend of football and hopefully next week brings us the same.