Thursday, October 16, 2008

WR Roy Williams to Cowboys

Just when you thought Dallas' offense couldn't get any more potent, they go out and acquire a big, talented, fast WR in Roy Williams. In a blockbuster move at the NFL trade deadline (those are a major rarity), Dallas acquired Williams from Detroit for 1st, 3rd and 6th round picks in the 2009 NFL Draft. The trade of Williams to Dallas is an intriguing one from many vantage points.

-Since Dallas already has the 3rd ranked offense in the league adding Roy Williams seems like overkill.

- Dallas is going for broke this season by trading for the aforementioned Williams who could have been had this offseason for just cash.

- Does Dallas plan on just outscoring everyone en route to a Superbowl win? We saw how well that worked out for the New England Patriots.

- How does Dallas plan on working out their defensive woes? PacMan is in 'trouble' again, Newman is out, whoever they line up opposite Hamlin at safety normally gets targeted. Personally I think they need to be more aggressive and blitz more often. They are playing passive and it shows.

-How does this open up the field for the rest of the weapons Dallas has? Are you going to leave Owens 1 on 1? Are you going to leave Witten 1 on 1 with a linebacker? Are you going to leave Roy 1 on 1? Are you going to bring an extra DB on the field and leave yourself susceptible to the ground attack led my Marion Barber running behind the five run blocking mammoths in front of him?

- How Mr. Owens feels about this. For the record I think he realizes that this move for the short term is good for him. Call me naive but I think he will jive with it. Perhaps I am giving him too much credit.

My thoughts on the trade
- I don't think you can evaluate this trade properly when it comes to its short term gain until the season ends. If Dallas gets to and or wins a Superbowl, the trade was a success for the now. I don't care how they win it, as long as they do. If they don't, I think it's a minor failure since Dallas has loads of young talent and a lot of picks coming to them in the upcoming draft. It's one of those that they will brush off and move on.

- If they don't win the Superbowl but put up production that rivals the 2007 Patriots at some point over the course of the next two seasons, the deal was a success. Since the Tony Romo stint as starting QB started the Dallas Cowboys, the Cowboys have scored the third most points in the league in that time period so there is nowhere to go but to write your names in the history books. As long as Mr. Romo does his part, there is no reason why Dallas cannot be a record breaking offense.

-I have read and heard a lot of people saying that this trade for Roy basically is the beginning of the end for Terrell Owens and I personally believe that they couldn't be any further off. Owens still has plenty left despite his apparent struggles the last three weeks. Now, obviously Dallas now has an insurance policy in the event that Owens goes loony or just flat out loses his skill over the next 10 or so games, but I think the purpose of this was to make this offense a juggernaut, not to replace the flashiest looking toy with another flashy toy.

- This trade is an excellent one for the Detroit Lions who seem to have turned the corner and are weeding out some of the bad seeds. First Millen, then Kitna (placed on IR despite saying that he can play), now Roy. They received a 1st and a 3rd for a guy who was not going to sign an extension with them under any feasible circumstances and have now quickened the recovery process. Good for them, the city of Detroit needs some good news regarding Detroit. It's a new day with the Lions, and the management so far has done well.

-Patrick Crayton, who I personally don't feel is any good, goes back to the slot where he belongs. Now he will get the Wes Welker treatment. He's yet another beneficiary of this trade. He'll see a lot of shoddy coverage and favorable matchups from here on out.

Final thoughts:

I respect Jones for trying to hit the homerun and win this team the Superbowl. In that regard there should be more owners trying to win, but it seems like too many are more worried about making money. Jones tries to win, and no matter who you are or how much you like or dislike the Cowboys you have to respect that. Now we will see whether the deal works out for Dallas, and I think it will. Williams won't have to be a focal point and is playing with a great quarterback, so he will get his. He just needs to focus on being a good teammate, and make the most of the opportunities presented to him.


Amani Roberts said...

Very, very well written. I would have concerns on the defense though. That will come back to bite them eventually. Their offense is now second to none. Although injuries are starting to have an effect and their oline is showing vulnerability.

Po Politickin said...

This trade is okay. I think the Cowboys gave up too much for Roy Williams. They should trade their coach...