Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jay Cutler to the Bears

Finally this month long worth of back and forth, he said/she said mess is over. Jay Cutler has been traded to the Chicago Bears along with a 5th round selection in this year's draft for QB Kyle Orton, a 2009 1st round draft pick, 2010 1st round draft pick, and 2009 3rd round draft pick.
First of all, FINALLY this is over and maybe it will die down after a week of talking about the trade. I grew extremely tired of hearing who's cell phone was reached and who's was not.

As far as the trade itself:
- I am impressed that the Bears finally put the pedal to the floor and went hard after a QB they can build around for the future.

- I am slightly annoyed that the Jets didn't match this package considering it was not an overbearing package. The only reason I am not fully annoyed is because I don't know the level of reluctance on Denver's part to get him out of the conference. If the Jets gave all they could in the efforts, then you just chalk it up to another one lost and proceed forward. They probably would have had to give a Ricky Williams deal to get it done. As much as I like Cutler, he isn't worth that, nor are many others.

- I don't understand why the Broncos would move so quickly in moving the guy, and not give some time for offers at the very least. But with the way they have mishandled this entire situation, I am not surprised.

- As far as the trade from Denver's vantage point, I think they received good compensation but could have received more. I actually think Kyle Orton is a decent QB and is better than any of the alternatives they could have gotten (including the rookie QBs), but I just don't understand the rush to trade him especially when you have Daniel Snyder involved who is known to throw away draft picks for no apparent reason I think they should have strung it along a bit. At the same time, it is possible although unlikely that the Redskins could have pulled out of the running.

-As far as the Bears, they just put a lot in Cutler's basket, now they have to figure out who he is going to throw the ball to, as Chicago's offense features one pass catcher worth noting and that is Greg Olsen. Cutler is a very good QB but they need to give him guys to throw the ball to. I actually think Earl Bennett can make an impact, after all he was Jay's #1 WR at Vanderbilt. I'm not saying to expect Eddie Royal impact, but he should see the field quite a bit. At least Cutler is finally on the opposite side of a decent defense.

- Cutler gets to play for the team he grew up rooting for, and will likely see a new deal some time soon. I assume we won't have to hear Lovie Smith say "Jay Cutler is our quarterback" after every game this season.

-I also believe Cutler is a QB made for that weather. As WFAN host Mark Malusis consistently says, 'The man can throw the ball in a hurricane'. He's built physically for the nasty weather he'll see in Chicago.

-If Kyle Orton was really the deal breaker in this deal, then it will be a short tenure for McDaniels and Xanders. Again, not saying that Orton isn't serviceable, but that is all he is.
-Earl Bennett will be on every one of my fantasy teams this upcoming season.

- I wish the Jets could have gotten the guy but it is what it is. I guess they'll have to go to war with an undrafted free agent, and Kellen Clemens. Life as a Jets fan is rough I tell you. Here's to hoping Kellen Clemens can turn into something good. He's had to deal with being replaced/potentially replaced two years straight. You know what they say Kellen. 'Whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger'. Boy that quote applies to me as well in this spot.

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The Thrill said...

You're all over the map on this post, but I understand where you're coming from.

I'm not sure the Broncos got enough in return. I don't think Orton will fit in that offense, even though he's got good WRs to throw to.

That being said, Jay Cutler doesn't have anyone to throw to either!

The Bears are instantly a contender now though!