Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thoughts on the Knicks offseason to this point

The drafting of Jordan Hill
with the #8 pick in the Draft

I wanted Stephen Curry badly on draft night, as I think that kid has a bright future in the NBA. When he went the pick before to a team who is already full of shooting guards who play no defense, I was upset as I think Curry has a nice future ahead of him in the NBA. That being said, the Knicks got one of the guys they coveted, according to Coach Mike D'Antoni and GM Donnie Walsh. He is an active, athletic big man who can rebound, score a little and block a couple shots here and there. He is raw and still has a long way to go in his development, but there wasn't much there at 8 for the Knicks to take.

David Lee's pending restricted free agency

I am not a big fan of Lee. I respect his effort, I respect his intentions but after watching him for the last 4 seasons, I just don't feel he is that good a player. I recognize that his production, statistically speaking, has improved every year since he has been in the league and I recognize that he is an absolute demon on the boards which is obviously valuable to a basketball team. That being said, where is the offensive game? Where is the jumper? Where are the post moves? Where is the post defense? He is a useful player with a ton of easily noticeable flaws. If the Knicks could bring him back at a reasonable clip like 7 or 8 million I have no problem with that, but anything above that, ship him somewhere and try and get some young talent in return (like Rudy Fernandez). He's a nice player, but he isn't a centerpiece to a title team so it makes no sense to overpay for his services. I'm pretty sure you can get similar production from someone else for less $$$.

Nate Robinson's pending restricted free agency-

I wonder what the market actually is for Nate. He doesn't really have a clear position, as he is not a distributor, and is far too small to be taken seriously as a shooting guard. I like Nate's game, and when he is clicking on all cylinders he is one of the most explosive offensive players in the entire league, but it seems like D'Antoni isn't really a big fan of his antics and his attitude. The Knicks also drafted Toney Douglas, a similar small off guard type who can score, in what looks like an effort to replace Robinson.

Considering the market doesn't look too strong for Nate, the Knicks could bring him back at a reasonable and that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Nate can play, but his attitude and general lack of consistency are his two biggest issues. Having a guy who can fill it up like Robinson can coming off the bench can be an asset going forward. Robinson is an exciting player who is likable more times than not, but if the Knicks manage to move him for young talent OR to get rid of the contract of Jared Jeffries I won't lose any sleep.

The Knicks interest in Jason Kidd and offering him a 3 year contract

I have changed my mind on this topic about 100 times, as it is a hard topic for me to have a definitive opinion about given the player involved. Jason Kidd is probably my favorite player of all time, and still is a productive player despite his decline. The floor vision, the passing skills and the leadership skills he possesses are second to very few. He has lost most of his lateral quickness and cannot guard the quicker guards in the league, but contrary to the seemingly popular belief he isn't "useless" defensively, as he can still guard bigger guards. If you have a smaller guy who can keep up with PGs, Kidd can be an asset defensively. On offense, Kidd will never be a knock down shooter, or great scorer but he did shoot over 40% from 3 last year. Throughout his career has made teammates better, can push the pace, and is as good a passer as there is in the NBA.

I think the Kidd signing makes sense from the standpoint, that a guy like Kidd, even at his age, making MLE money is a steal in today's NBA where you have guys like Troy Murphy making 10 million and the like. Also, considering the Knicks won't have their first round pick, doing all it takes to win this year makes sense. It doesn't make sense from the standpoint that you are banking on Kidd being Kidd until he's 40. That is a gamble that isn't likely to pay off. Ultimately, if they sign him, it's a decent move that can either boom or bust. However, I do believe that Kidd can "quarterback" the Knicks to a fringe playoff berth.

The Knicks interest in Grant Hill-

Just... why? I understand the need for veteran leadership but why? Hill definitely has something left to offer, but he isn't going to turn the Knicks into a winner, and the team already has 1000 SFs, so the need for another or the inquiry for another is mind boggling at best.

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