Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thoughts on Week 4 of the NFL Regular season

-Brett Favre looked like vintage Brett on MNF. As much as I have 'Favre fatigue' and as much as I think Rodgers is better overall and was better Monday night, Favre still played an excellent football game. The Packers took Adrian Peterson out of the game and forced Favre to beat them and he obliged. The TD pass he threw to Sidney Rice in the second quarter was a Hall of Fame throw.

- I thought, especially given the circumstances, that Aaron Rodgers performance was absolutely magnificent. Yes, I know he threw an INT, and had a costly fumble, but the Vikings front four was killing the offensive line (and subsequently Rodgers), all night, and he still managed to light up the place. That kid is a really good QB.

-Steve Smith (the NYG version), is absolutely putting on a clinic week in and week out. The guy just knows how to get open. He works all of the field, and has excellent hands. Smith and Eli Manning have incredible chemistry, and it shows in the numbers, and how often Manning looks to him on 'big' downs.

-Mark Sanchez finally played like a rookie and it cost the Jets big time. I thought it was especially evident on the fumble in the endzone when he should have just thrown it in the first row. Although, considering the fact that he threw a INT that just went for a TD, it would be nice to know why the Jets are even throwing inside their own 2 anyway.

- The Jets defense is absolutely for real, and having Calvin Pace back just makes them that much better.

-I really, REALLY do not like Brian Schotteinheimer. I'll leave it at that, before I break the computer and am unable to finish this entry.

-Can we just call the Rams 'The Ringling Brothers'? Good lord, they are bad. Steve Spagnoulo, I hope you are enjoying the fatter paychecks because that is all there is to enjoy in St Louis at the moment.

- Trent Edwards is the worst QB in the NFL not named JaMarcus Russell.

-To put JaMarcus Russell's ineptitude in perspective, Shaquille O'neal's free throw percentage is higher than JaMarcus's completion percentage. Enough said.

-Jay Cutler is the man. As damn near everyone knows, he's my favorite active NFL player. He makes the players around him better, and that TD run was awesome. He really put his body on the line, and won.

-To this point, I think Johnny Knox has made a good case for himself as the Rookie of the Year.

- Peyton Manning is a machine. The man simply is not real. 70% completions and 9 TDs in four games thus far this season. Are you kidding me? Best QB in the league, and this year's MVP to this point. I know I gush about him every week, but I do it because I think football fans take him for granted. '300 yards, ho hum'. He's ridiculous.

-New England is like the character in the horror movie that just won't die. I picked against them the last two weeks, and they've shut me right up. Oh by the way, next time how about catching the ball, Mark Clayton?

-Tennessee is awful. Is it a combination of things, or did Haynesworth make that big a difference? I personally think it's a combination of both, as they haven't played well and haven't been able to catch a break either. Soon it's going to be Vince Young time in Nashville, and given how bad he is, there might be a lot of bottles of 'Tums' purchased in Tennessee.

-Denver is 4-0. I never thought I'd see that. The Denver defense is playing great, and McDaniels has done a great job of changing the "laid back" culture up there. Though, the amount of props Kyle Orton is getting is actually nauseating. He stinks. He has contributed next to nothing to the 4-0 start. He's bad, and him being on a winning team (a classic media misconception) doesn't make him any more or less, bad.

-That play by Brandon Marshall to win the game Sunday was excellent. It was a poorly thrown ball, Marshall 'Mossed' Terrence Newman and came down with the ball, then proceeded to run up his 'YAC' total, owning half the Dallas defense en route to the endzone. Good for him.

-San Diego is the league's paper champion every year. I think the first half of the game Sunday night was a 30 minute snap shot as to why. That team is poorly coached and poorly prepared every single week. If not for Philip Rivers, god knows where that team would be. They have all the talent you need, but their coaching staff is absolutely dreadful.

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MTV said...

This post loses all credibility due to the fact there is nothing about the absolute HORRENDOUS-NOUS of the Cowboys coaching staff.

For you to overlook those clowns upsets me.