Thursday, February 5, 2009

Now that the offseason has thoughts on the state of the new York Jets

- I am fine with the hire of Rex Ryan. As I stated in a recent blog entry, I'm trying to be even keeled with anything Jets related these days as more times than not it ends in disappointment. The only thing that concerns me with Ryan is the recent history of Baltimore defensive coordinators becoming head coaches (Marvin Lewis, Nike Nolan). That scares me. Other than that, I just hope to see a team willing to get physical for once.

-I hope Brett Favre moves on. I already disliked this guy enough before he got here, then he got here, and threw picks like they were going out of style. I still give him props for running Chad Pennington out of town. I don't care how viciously the media rode the Pennington bandwagon. He will never take you anywhere in the postseason and severely limits the offense you can run. You did your good deed for the Jets Brett, now retire. You are finished.

- I think the Jets need to figure out their WR situation. Coles is declining and probably will ask for a new contract like he does every season. Cotchery is good, but he isn't a #1 WR. The Jets also don't have a redzone threat/potential future redzone threat anywhere on the roster asides from Dustin Keller who had a nice rookie season. If I was Mike Tannebaum I would watch the Braylon Edwards situation closely. I know he had a problem with the dropsies this past season, but he still has one of the better skillsets in the NFL at the WR position and is one year removed from a monster season. Braylon would certainly make life easier on whoever happens to be the starting quarterback for the Jets in the 2009 season. Hopefully David Clowney can emerge to provide a deep threat the Jets haven't had since Santana Moss was traded.

- With the #17 pick in the draft, I would love to see the Jets do any of the following:

-Trade the pick for Braylon Edwards
-Draft MLB Rey Mauluaga from USC
- Draft WR Darius Heyward Bey
-Draft CB Malcolm Jenkins
-Draft CB Vontae Davis

I would be happy with any of the above options. I like Mauluaga a lot, and think he will have a bright future in the NFL. Jenkins and Davis would fill a pressing need at #2 CB, as I don't think I could watch Dwight Lowery get toasted all season for a second year straight. Heyward Bey has unlimited potential and could potentially be the #1 WR the Jets need in time.

- I don't believe the Jets cap situation is as bad as many of the journalists and talking heads make it seem. I read the other day (I forget from who, or I would cite it) from someone that the Jets have the worst cap situation in the history of the NFL. I think that is WAY off base and exaggerated. The Jets can cut a few guys, and restructure a few others and be under the cap far enough to make a big splash this offseason.

- On the possibility of Ray Lewis to the Jets, the more I hear, the more I think it is possible. As far as how I feel about it, I think it's good and bad. I think it's good from the standpoint, that Ray is probably the best leader in the NFL. He also knows the head coach and the system. The best thing about the signing is the accountability that Lewis demands from the other players in the huddle. I wouldn't want to be the one caught slacking on a play, then having to confront Lewis. I think his leadership alone would get the best out of everyone on the defensive unit. The downside is that Lewis, in my opinion, has been declining for awhile now. The leadership is good and all, but no one is going to listen to a mediocre LB. Lewis is still good, for now, but how long will that last?

-Please, for my sanity sake, give Leon Washington the damn ball more often. You would think in an offense lacking playmakers, they would give the one proven playmaker the ball often enough to make an impact. That would make sense, right? The Jets just defy logic. I am not saying that Washington is an every down back or that he should be used as one, but I'm saying he should get the ball in as many ways as possible. He was near the tops of the league in plays covering more than 4o yards. Get the ball in his hands more often, period.

- I would like to see Kellen Clemens get one last shot behind an actual legitimate NFL offensive line. I still hold out hope for him, though I think his 'throwing stance' is a bit of a concern. For those of you who watch baseball, think Jim Edmonds in the batter's box. That's what Kellen Clemens looks like when throwing the ball. That concerns me with him. I do think he has an NFL arm though, and he is tough. I hope he turns out to be something. If not, then probably another long search for a franchise QB.

Go Jets. Make the 2009 season a successful one.

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