Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cleveland seems to be starting the 'Keep LeBron here' campaign

The offseason hasn't even started yet and there are rumblings about the Cavaliers making moves to try and keep LeBron James happy and in Cleveland for the foreseeable future. After the disappointing, and quite underwhelming performance the Cavaliers supporting cast put up in the series loss to the Orlando Magic, the Cavaliers front office has some decisions to make in an effort to enhance the playing conditions and the chance at a championship(s) for James.

In an article on SLAM ONLINE, I read that the Cavaliers are looking into the possibility of signing Rasheed Wallace to a 2 year, 10 million dollar pact (mid level exception I'm assuming) or the possibility of trading with the Clippers for PF Zach Randolph. At this point, I don't think getting Rasheed Wallace does much for them. Yes, he is much better than Zydrunas 'Big Slow' Ilgauskas and Anderson Varejao but how much better at this point? Is his heart into the game? Can he keep his head throughout the games where he feels he is being "persecuted by the referees? There are a lot of questions surrounding Wallace, which would make it a risky signing since in all likelihood that would put a fork in any thought process of signing Chris Bosh to compliment LeBron James.

As far as Zach Randolph is concerned, there is no questioning the man's talent. He can get you 20 and 10 in his sleep, though after watching him for a season and change in NY I am not convinced he can put his ego aside for the greater good. Now LeBron, who is arguably the best leader in the entire sport as well as the game's best player, can probably reign him in, and get him to buy into the team aspect. Zach is very talented, but he doesn't play defense and is quite literally a black hole with the ball in the post. This is another risky proposition since Zach has 3 years and $47 million left on his deal, and that would also put an end to any dreams of LeBron playing with Chris Bosh in a Cavaliers jersey.

This offseason might very well be a make or break for the Cleveland Cavaliers and their future plans. If they sign Wallace or trade for Randolph, and the season ends up in another disappointing loss where LeBron has to do everything, and no one else does anything how will LeBron react to that? If they stay status quo, then what happens if and when they lose at the same point next season? Does LeBron take that as management not trying to get him some help and bolt? Does he take it as a challenge to stay? Who knows, but about half the teams in the NBA will be watching the Cavaliers and their movements quite closely this offseason and throughout the upcoming regular season.


MTV said...

i also hear that booz is interested in coming back. you hear anything on that?

KLewis31 said...

I read about that, but the Jazz would have to complete a sign and trade with Cleveland for that happen. Considering Cleveland has no talent to give up, and teams such as Detroit and New Jersey are interested, it would be difficult for him to end up back in Cleveland. Randolph and Wallace are more likely alternatives.

MTV said...

doesnt booz have the ability to opt out of his contract either this year or next?

KLewis31 said...

He has the ability to opt out and that's exactly what he is going to do, but Cleveland doesn't have the cap room to sign him this season.