Friday, June 19, 2009

NBA offseason

In some ways, I actually enjoy the NBA offseason more than the season itself, though as a Knick fan the offseason has featured more heartbreak than the actual season itself in recent memory. That being said, leading up to the draft these are some of the things I will be interested in following:

-Where will Allen Iverson will end up? With about half the league saving up for the potential 2010 shopping spree, it doesn't seem as if there is much money to be given out in '09. I don't see a good team signing him because of a possible disruption in chemistry. There aren't too many teams out there with cap room, and the bad teams will probably want to go the young route. The only team, off the top, I can see him signing with is the Kings if for nothing else to put fannies in the seats. I read a quote a long time ago from someone (I can't remember who), saying 'Allen Iverson is a weird case, because he's, in essence, a Hall of Famer who really isn't an ideal fit for any team'. It will be interesting to see how that situation develops.

-Where will Ben Gordon end up? The Pistons have some cap room and have been linked to Gordon, as well as Knicks F David Lee. I read that he has a promise from the Pistons which seems bogus to me. But in the event that the Pistons do sign Ben Gordon, where do you put Rip? A backcourt featuring Stuckey and Gordon, where's the defense going to come from and who is your point guard? In the event that Gordon doesn't get a contract that he views suitable, does he go overseas?

-What trades will happn pertaining to the draft, and what players will be moved? The rumors are endless, but it seems like a lot of teams are trying to move up in the draft. It will definitely be interesting

-Where will Ricky Rubio end up? He has a 6 million dollar "give-back" clause in his contract, that kicks in, if he leaves to go play in the United States. There is the possibility of Rubio staying in Spain and not reporting to the US if he gets drafted by a team in a city where he doesn't want to play. Will teams be shied off by this possibility? Who will take the chance? Will a team aggressively trade up in pursuit of him?

-What will happen with Shaquille O'neal? Steve Kerr was quoted as saying he's had "conversations" with half the league about Shaq's services. A rumor had surfaced last week about the possibility of him going to Cleveland. The Cavaliers seem to be revisiting that after turning down a Wally Sczerbiak/Sasha Pavlovic for Shaq swap right before the trading deadline. That is just another example of the great Cleveland management.

- What will the Wizards do with the #5 pick? There have been several rumblings that the Wizards are going to try and trade for a veteran with the pick and have already made offers for Ray Allen and Manu Ginobili. Will they then move Antwan Jamison, to relieve some of the burden due to the luxury tax?

-What will the Knicks do with their pick? Being an avid follower, I've heard that they like damn near every prospect. I hope that Stephen Curry falls to the Knicks, but I don't see it happening. Do they like Jordan Hill enough to take a shot? Ty Lawson? Will the Knicks use their bankroll to acquire a pick or two? With the Knicks going strong for the summer of 2010, hitting on this pick is an absolute must. Will David Lee be a part of a post-draft swap of picks?

-What will Cleveland do to please LeBron James? With the roster painfully devoid of talent, Cleveland has to try and do something to get better, but at the same time cannot take on too big a contract which would sabotage their chances at getting another top FA in 2010, to pair with LeBron in an effort to keep him in Cleveland.

-Will the Celtics make any noise? Will they make use of Ray Allen's expiring contract? I read that they offered Memphis Kendrick Perkins and Bill Walker (who?) for the #2 pick in the draft, and that sounds like offering a bag of marbles for a potential star player. Will they move up? If so, how will they do it? Will they break up the core group of players?

-What will the Phoenix Suns do with Amar'e Stoudemire? His contracts runs out after this season, and his name has been floated out there in trade talks. Will the Suns keep him and try and extend him after the season? Will they keep him and try and move him at the deadline? Will they try to move him for a combination of young talent/expiring contracts?

-Will the Nets move Vince Carter? Cleveland has shown interest and San Antonio (who has shown interest for a long time now) also has inquired about Carter. The Nets have been reluctant to move him but with ownership supposedly losing money, and Carter not being a difference maker on a winning Nets team, it makes you wonder how long before the Nets pull the plug.

-Where will Jason Kidd end up? Portland will definitely be interested, they have been trying to get a veteran PG for a long time. Will Dallas try and keep him at all costs? Who else will get into play? Knicks? Pistons?


Mal the Highlander said...

Yea AI is a big question mark, there had even been rumors of him getting the Barry Bonds treatment. Ive been a AI fan for years BUT he is frustrating to watch because he is an old dog set in his ways and he takes teammates out of games because he is a pounder. He can go to a contender only if he realizes his times is near end and he must MUST adjust his game and he better hang up thinking a BIG payday is coming ala Spreewell found out.
Ben Gordon an undersized 2-guard with game but who will take a chance on him, will he team up with fellow UConn Husky Rip Hamilton in Detroit, if Detroit has an secret handshake with BG do they keep Rip also? The Knicks can use a shooter like BG but I question everything else important size, assists and defense, the Knicks defense is bad enough as it is. You Rip can hit midrange jumper but he is getting older
The Big Shaqtis may wind up in Cleveland will it be too little, too late and rumor has it he want a 2-year extension, he is not worth 2-years IMHO. Would I mind a one-year Shaq in MSG no I wouldnt especially if shooters can surround him with at least one one man gang who can create his own shots and drives ala DWade, TMAC types. Also there have been rumor of the Knicks looking at TMac for your boy Larry Hughes, I take the one year gamble to see what TMac got if it fails its a one year deal off the books for the 2010 spending spree.
DLee does not deserve 10 mil so on July 9 have something worked out so you can sign and trade DLee somewhere word had Portland and Denver as being interested Im sure Portland might have something the Knicks need, I think Carmello is only Nugget asset I'd want maybe JR Smith because he is young and exciting and learning.
Who cares about Celts but I hear they want to buy their way into the first round with Rondo and Ray Ray's name as bait
Too bad Kerr wouldn't give Knicks Amare for say D Lee and some expiring contracts. So I'll watch the next couple of days on the wires and blogs for Knick talk and hope the draft works in our favor

MTV said...

lol, you want Black JJ Reddick on the knicks? lol

KLewis31 said...

MTV, comparing Curry to Redick is unfair... Curry can handle the ball, and also can get to the rack, is quick, etc. Redick can shoot and.......... lol