Friday, August 22, 2008

Francisco Rodriguez for Cy Young?

Let me start this by saying I do not have a vendetta against Francisco Rodriguez. He's good at what he does, and is having a good year given his position and the main statistic correlated to that position (saves, which I personally believe is a very overrated statistic but that is for another discussion).

Now, I've heard Rodriguez' name in the discussion among analysts, and writers for the Cy Young Award. With all due respect to Rodriguez, mentioning him for the award is laughable at best. K-Rod is good at what he does, but the guy has pitched 53 innings this season. And I'm sure he has had several of the 'I have to get 3 outs before the opponent gets 3 runs' kind of saves, which is what makes the saves stat overrated in my opinion. I'm not saying that having a good closer isn't important, I'm saying when you consider the parameters for getting a save, the statistic is somewhat jaded. Given that, I think you would have to be borderline superhuman to win a Cy Young as a closer.

K-Rod, for all intents and purposes, has been a compiler this season. His numbers, outside of the save category, are good but they aren't anything that make you say 'Wow'. He has a 2.70 ERA, 1.27 WHIP, and .201 Batting Average Against. Those numbers are good, but they aren't unbelievable. While a closer can be valuable, calling one the most valuable player in the league is somewhat of an indictment on the talent level of the league as a whole.
If K-Rod wins the Cy Young over the following two pitchers it is an absolute travesty:

C. Lee- 18-2 2.43 ERA 177.2 IP 26 BB 141 K 1.08 WHIP .249 BAA 3 CG

Halladay- 15-9 2.68 ERA 198 IP 34 BB 168 K 1.04 WHIP .233 BAA 8 CG

Personally I would give the award to Roy Halladay, since he has been phenomenal this season but Lee is also a very deserving candidate. Either way, if Rodriguez wins the award over these two phenomenal candidates there is something seriously wrong with the voting process. Again, no disrespect to Rodriguez, he has done what he has to do but him winning the award would be am epic travesty.

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