Friday, August 22, 2008

The 'Redeem Team' defeats Argentina by 20

This entire Olympics, the United States basketball team has been on a mission. They have been on a mission to erase the bad memories of 2004, and bringing the gold medal back to the United States. They took one step closer to the gold medal, defeating Argentina this morning by the score of 101-81, placing them just one win away from the gold medal.

Argentina, the defending gold medalists, and the team that defeated the US in the last Olympics came into the game looking to send a message. They often delivered hard fouls, and seemed to be trying to get into the heads of the Uniter States players. Well, it didn't work as the US jumped out to a 21-4 lead, and held off Argentina the rest of the way for a relatively easy victory. It sets up a matchup on Sunday with Spain for all the marbles. Manu Ginobili left the game in the first quarter with the left ankle problem that has been bugging him. The U.S. was led by Carmelo Anthony who scored 21 points, and LeBron James added 15.

The US stifled Argentina by pressuring them relentlessly on defense and by attacking offensively, since the three point shot was not working for them. Luis Scola scored 28 points for Argentina who didn't go down without a fight. It just wasn't enough to derail the U.S. on this day. The crisp passing, the attacking the basket, the pressure defense was too much for Argentina to handle on this day.
Now this three year reclamation project comes down to 40 minutes, one game on Sunday.

The U.S. wins and they erase the bad memories of 2004, and represent this country with a gold medal. If they lose, it won't be pretty but losing for this team isn't very likely. They are too focused, and too hellbent on getting redemption. Good luck Spain, you'll need it.

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Amani Roberts said...

You pick Spain to win the first time against the US in the 2008 Olympics ... are you picking them to defeat the US in Round 2???

Who has been the USA's MVP??