Thursday, November 20, 2008

My thoughts on the NBA through a few weeks

- LeBron James is staking his claim for MVP. I know its VERY VERY early, but the guy is playing out of his mind. It seems like every time you look up he has one of those 40, 8 and 7 type of games. If he can get any type of help from the cast he has around him (or lack thereof) the Cavs can be a tough out in the postseason

- To my surprise, the Chauncey Billups trade has paid immediate dividends for the Denver Nuggets, as they look like a completely different basketball team. Less bad shots, and more trust in the rest of the team is the biggest difference. Props to Billups and the rest of that team for making it work to this point. We'll see how long it continues.

- The Nets are absolutely putrid. I realize they beat the Hawks two straight games, but asides from that they have looked awful. Devin Harris and Ryan Anderson to this point have been the lone bright spots. I hope the Nets trade Vince Carter for some type of expiring contract and call it a day.

- Chris Bosh is becoming better as the years go by which is hard to believe. Lost in the rush to see LeBron James hit free agency after next season, is that Bosh can declare for free agency the same season. That free agent class might be the best in league history.

- Zach Randolph is boosting his trade value daily and I love it. The guy is playing great basketball, even though every time he hoists up a three I cringe. He is a beast on the boards, and is putting up monster numbers at this point. Hopefully the Knicks can get some team to take his horrific contract, and at this point it is likely they could. Thank you Mr D'Antoni.

- Gilbert Arenas is injured? I hardly noticed. That contract will be one of the worst in league history.

- Joe Johnson is the most underrated player in basketball, maybe in all of sports. This guy does everything you want out of a two guard, is productive and plays hard yet doesn't get recognition? He can shoot with the best of them, he can create his own shot, he can defend, he can pass. If he played in New York, he'd have a statue outside Madison Square Garden. That is obviously an exaggeration but you get my point.

-The Lakers are essentially going to sleepwalk themselves to the number 1 seed in the Western Conference. I'd be shocked if the Finals matchup isn't between them and the Celtics.

-While Memphis may not be anything noteworthy now, their core of young players is definitely going to be reckoned with in the future. O.J. Mayo is showing already that he can score on the NBA level, Rudy Gay has crazy upside and Mike Conley can be a solid point guard in the future. If Marc Gasol can provide the Grizzlies with anything from the C spot, the Grizzlies can be a playoff team in the near future.

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Amani Roberts said...

Leave my Wizards out of it. Be nice to them.