Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thoughts on week 10 in the NFL

-Jay Cutler's performance Thursday night was simply scintillating. Everything seemingly going against Denver, between the dropsies and the Broncos usually pathetic defense, Cutler hauled that team on his shoulders and took them to a victory.

-The Falcons, is there anything more to be said about these guys? Great story, good team to this point in the season. These guys continue to play hard and change the culture down there in Atlanta. To this point I couldn't have been any more wrong about Matt Ryan. Big time props to him, as he has looked good the majority of the year.

-I feel terrible for Seahawks fans having to watch Seneca Wallace every week. This guy is absolutely awful. Watching the end of the Miami-Seattle game, and his throws floating all over the place made me reminisce back to the Chad Pennington days as a Jet. I was talking to a close friend of mine that night and he said to me 'One thing I don't understand about Wallace is why he doesn't run more', and my response was, 'One thing I don't understand about Wallace is why he has the letters 'Q' and 'B' next to his name on the depth chart. He has shown serious flashes at WR, he is beyond terrible as a QB, Seattle's WR corps has NEVER been good. You would think it all adds up, but maybe there is something behind the scenes that I am missing.

- I am glad to see that the Buffalo Bills have come right back to earth like I thought they would. THEY ARE WHO I THOUGHT THEY WERE!!! Anyway, once they start playing inside the East, they have come right back to reality. And I STILL don't see what's so wonderful about Trent Edwards, can someone enlighten me? Maybe it's the shiny QB rating, which indicates nothing, or the TD:INT ratio of 1. I don't know what it is, but the Edwards koolaid has been overflowing since last season and I don't understand why.

- The Rams are absolutely, positively GOD AWFUL. I can't remember the last time I watched a game featuring the New York Jets where I had absolutely no doubt from start to finish that they would win. 40-0 at halftime, seriously?

-Thomas Jones has simply been very good these last few weeks, and is running the ball a lot better. A lot less dancing and "cha-chaing" and a lot more running straight ahead. Kudos to him, as I've been down on him for the last year. The Jets offensive line and Jones are both starting to come together at the right time.

- The Chargers and Colts both should be dead and buried for this season, but they are both like the guy in the horror film who you think is dead at 15 different points throughout the movie, but never ends up dying. The Colts had two games (Texans, Vikings), with big comeback wins, and the Chargers were 2 yards away from losing to the Chiefs which would have put them at 6 losses. As much as both teams are struggling, as a team in the postseason, I would be weary of facing either one of these teams.

- The Patriots just keep on chugging. I think this shows, contrary to the popular belief, that this team was built around one guy. The defense and the coaching staff has stepped up. If it continues, I think Bill Belichick should be a serious contender for Coach of the Year. He lost the alleged 'Best Player in the NFL' in week 1 and his team has continued to win, and are leading one of the better divisions in the NFL from top to bottom (Record Wise anyway). He has done an incredible job keeping that team together.

-The Titans are just a blue collar football team, which is why they don't get as much credit/airtime as they deserve. They are not the Patriots, they don't score 40 pts a half, but they keep on winning. The Chicago Bears stepped up and stopped their running game, the Titans bread and butter, and then Kerry Collins beat them with his arm. It will be interesting to see how far the Titans go in the postseason.

-Why did the Detroit Lions sign Daunte Culpepper? Why? Why not give Drew Stanton a shot? Can it hurt? Signing an old retread, who has done absolutely nothing without Randy Moss solves what? All I can say is, if the Lions keep up the way they are going, Matt Stafford declares for the draft, and the Lions don't take Matt Stafford, that is a head scratcher. They need a blue chip QB prospect to start the healing.

- Adrian Peterson is incredible. Period.

- The Giants are the best team this league has to offer in my opinion. That is no disrespect to the undefeated Titans, but they don't have the offense that the Giants have. The Giants run game is the best in the league, and they have the weaponry to beat you in the air if necessary. Also, the Giants can win any kind of game. They can win the high scoring affairs, like they did Sunday, they can win the "grind it out", low scoring affairs like they did in the playoffs last season. They are the cream of the crop.

-The 49ers. I was just in amazement at that clock management. In an effort to keep this short and sweet, there were 40 seconds left, and you have 4 shots to get in the endzone, and the 9ers got off 2 plays. I think that tells all right there. And why oh why did they take all that time off the clock on 2nd down, just to spike the ball? WHY? If you were going to take that long, why not just run a play?

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