Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thoughts on Week 11 of the NFL

While Matt Cassel looks like a decent QB, other from his starting inability to complete a deep pass of any sort, some poor team is going to end up breaking bank for him and treating him like Matt Schaub. Who will it be? Detroit? Minnesota? Who knows, but some team is going to rue the day they gave Matt Schaub a big contract.

-How Denver is 6-4, I have no idea. They are clearly the worst division leader in the NFL, but despite all the guys on IR and a poor defense they just keep on chugging. I think Jay Cutler should get mention as league MVP. Denver is leading their division without the benefit of a defense, and with seemingly half their roster on IR. Cutler's numbers, while not as good as Warner's, are comparable, and he is doing it with much less talent around him. I find it funny that it's basically a One Man race at this point, when there are other viable candidates. Props to Spencer Larsen for starting on both sides of the ball (FB, and LB), and doing a good job. That's how bad the Denver injury situation has become.

- The Colts just keep on chugging. I'm telling you, as a team right now, seeing Peyton Manning come January would scare the daylights out of me, and the poor team that runs into them can thank the Houston Texans and Minnesota Vikings for not finishing off the Colts when they had the chance. When you have a Hall of Fame QB coming off a surgical procedure, and a defense struggling, you have to put that team away. Now, the Colts are alive and kicking. Beware, AFC, beware.

- The Giants just impress me more and more every week. The Ravens, and their vaunted run defense, come to the Meadowlands and it doesn't make a lick of difference as the Giants run all over them. Derrick Ward is a nice back. While the offensive line is obviously what makes all of the runningbacks look as good as they do, Ward breaks a lot of tackles, and has a nice array of moves when he gets to the second and third level of the defense. I wonder who will be the next team to beat the Giants. I can't wait to see the next installment of Giants/Cowboys. That should be fun.

- The perennially overrated Eagles put on an impressive display, scoring 13 points in 5 quarters against the dreadful Cincinnati Bengals. Then after the game, McNabb rambled on about knowing the tie rules in football. Now, I'm not surprised he didn't know about them, and he might not have been serious. That being said if you are going to lay it on thick, "What happens if this were to take place in the playoffs or Superbowl' is a little bit too thick and makes you look like an absolute buffoon. Maybe he was trying to take attention away from his piss poor performance. If he was, he did a great job.

-Tennessee just keeps on winning. Every week they find a different way to win. This week they fell behind 14-3 early, and the run was getting stuffed once again. With a stifling defensive effort in the second half, and effective passing by Kerry Collins, the Titans pulled themselves out of the hole. Justin Gage had himself a wail of a ballgame. Hopefully the Jets take them down this week.

- That was a big win for the Cowboys Sunday night. It wasn't pretty, but it was the type of grind it out, tough nosed victory that you see in playoff football. Romo wasn't great, but when the team needed him the most, he came through by leading the team on a scoring drive. Also, Marion Barber absolutely pummeled the Redskins defense all throughout the fourth quarter, pounding them into submission and wrapping up a Cowboys victory.

- Another year, another strong start, another inevitable collapse for the Buffalo Bills. Ho hum.

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