Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh how stupid I was to believe in the Jets...

The New York Jets, where to begin... I can begin with the disaster that was the last two weeks of horrid. I can begin with the sickening mentality of this football team or better yet the coaching staff. I can begin with the Jets reverting to Same Old Jets form. I can begin with the Jets apparently believing the season ended once they kicked the life out of Tennessee 2 Sundays ago.

I can begin with a lot of things, but mainly why did I take the bait? Why did I believe this team had turned the corner, and could overcome a completely inept coaching staff en route to a deep playoff run? In a conversation with my buddy Steve the other day, I asked him, "Is it bad I am thinking of the S word with this team?''. The 'S word' represents the Superbowl. Up until the last two weeks, I thought this was the best team I have seen since the '98 Jets which made the AFC Title game only to bring me to tears (literally) with a gut wrenching loss to the Broncos. But in the last two weeks, problems which have been a problem and I thought would hold this team back have resurfaced after the two big wins against Tennessee and New England.

-The quarterbacks have far too much time in the pocket. Between the coaching and the actual players, it's a joke to see QBs have enough time to get facials, manicures, go outside and pick up the paper before actually having to unload the football. Right now we have no one who can beat offensive linemen one on one consistently. Then you add the fact that for some reason, Mangini loves to send three at the QB, living in constant fear of getting beat over the top and the fact that the Jets are as vanilla as you can be with blitz schemes, and you get a horrific pass defense. It's amazing watching the other 3-4 teams, how different they are run compared to the Jets. The other 3-4 teams (Cowboys, Steelers, Patriots in particular), move around pre- snap, and give many different looks, while the Jets line up straight up, with no deception or anything as if they are going to bully the oppoonent apparently? I could go on all day but I'll end my frustrations with the defensive playcalling there.

-The offensive playcalling makes no sense either. Earlier in the season, the Jets played the Chiefs who were dead last in run defense and decided to go out all guns ablaze throwing the ball all over the place. Thomas Jones has been very good(wow how things change) for several weeks now, and you run the ball 11 times today? Why? Then again, making Shaun Hill look like Montana, and keeping their offense on the field couldn't have helped the cause.

-Laveranues Coles and his big mouth. The team is in the middle of a playoff race and Coles makes comments blasting Brett Favre. This guy has been consistently running his mouth, and where is the production ? 1 catch for 5 yards today. Good game Laveranues, keep running your mouth. You're definitely good enough to do so.

Look, this is definitely a post out of frustration as watching this team my entire life has been frustrating. I still think the team CAN make the postseason, and I am not giving up on them, but at this point, what's the use? The Ravens or Colts would both beat the snot out of the Jets. A Wildcard berth and a first round exit, what a surprise. I would almost rather the team go 8-8, and Mangini and company go bye bye. That is the only way this team will go anywhere. Then again, Woody Johnson, the Jets owner is clueless as well so he'd probably still keep Mangini here. Well hopefully the Jets can wake up. If not it will be a long offseason, especially if Miami with Ol Noodle manages to steal the division. Oy vey.

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