Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thoughts on Week 17 in the NFL

- 5 games come on in NY locally (1 being the Sunday night game), and all of them were terrible games. Unbelievable.

- Aaron Rodgers completed an impressive first season starting in the NFL today throwing for 4,038 yards, 28 touchdowns and 13 interceptions and leading the fifth ranked scoring offense, and the eighth ranked passing offense in the league. He has a bright future ahead of him, and the Packers found themselves a nice gem to build their franchise around.

- Drew Brees leads the comeback against the Panthers, then watches his defense give the lead back, and falls short of the passing record by 24 yards. I have a feeling Drew Brees will forever be a stat monger in New Orleans, as they seem committed to putting him opposite a crap defense.

-Congratulations to the Atlanta Falcons. Long overdue, and well late but congratulations to them on their significant turnaround and the success they have had this season. 11-5, who would've thought? They deserve this success, after the whole Vick/Petrino sagas.

- Dallas...Dallas...Dallas. I don't even know what to say. That team has a lot of issues, and that performance on Sunday was one of the worst I've ever seen in a game that mattered as much as it did. It was an unbelievably bad performance all the way around.

- As much as it burns my behind to say this, congratulations to the Miami Dolphins on their record turnaround, and their AFC East division crown. They've had a memorable season, and Sparano has done an incredible job. If they had an 'Offensive Coordinator of the Year' award Dan Henning would win that one easily. He has done a great job with the wildcat, the motion and the creative playcalling used as a masking device for Pennington. Watching the game though I must say about Pennington, he is still the same quarterback he always was, and while Favre didn't work out, I am glad the Jets took the chance and I am glad Chad is no longer the QB of the team as he was a dead end proposition.

- The Denver Broncos looked lost Sunday night. Can someone answer me this? Do the Broncos practice tackling? All year they have looked like a junior varsity high school team trying to tackle, and Darren Sproles exploited that in a big way Sunday night. The Broncos have serious issues on the defensive end and will never win until they fix them.

- Andre Johnson is absolutely ridiculous. It's too bad he plays for the Texans and isn't in the public eye more often, as he arguably the most complete WR the game has to offer. When will the Texans take the next step in being a playoff team? It was thought by many they'd take that step this season and they started off too slowly to make a run. They have the offensive pieces to do so, and they have a young nucleus of players on the defense (Super Mario Williams, DeMeco Ryans, Amobi Okoye). Houston needs to take that next step, and Andre Johnson will be pivotal in that journey.

- The Lions. I was glad to see them make history today as it is something I have never seen, but I feel bad for their fans. They have had to sit through years of Matt Millen's stupid and incompetent management, and now this? Don't worry Lions fans, it will get better soon. After all, it can't get worse, can it?

-There were many complete fold jobs by teams vying for playoff spots late. Denver, Tampa and the Jets all completed late season collapses with losses. Hopefully, for my sanity sake, the Jets collapse costs Mangini his job

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